- Dual Output Power Supply
- Two Variable 0 to 25V, 1,5A Supplies
- Two digital LCD Output Indicator
- Short-circuit protected


- Training
- Manufacturing Production Test
- Field Repair
- Bench Calibration and Repair
- Product Design


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Model DPS2
Dual dc power supply

Two independently adjustable and isolated power sources in one compact unit with digital panel indicators

  The DPS2 dual dc power supply is a versatile instument with two variable outputs. Its attractive, compact design takes up less bench space than most other power supplies. It meets most basic test and lab bench requirements.The DPS2 contains two identical, independently adjustable DC power supplies that can vary from 0-25V range. The maximum current available per output is 1.5 A and is limited automatically to prevent overload. Both sources are fully isolated.
Separate digital panel meters allow both the voltage or current of any output to be monitored simultaneously. A three-position switch selects the range which the meters monitor.
With dimensions of only 243 mm high, 164 mm wide and 207 mm deep, the DPS2 takes up a minimum amount of bench space. Its weight is 5,0 kg. The unit can be powered from 210-230V, 47-63 Hz Ac input.


model output Output voltage Output current displays
two 1,2-25V Max 1,5A 2xLCD 3 1/2

-Guaranteed 1% output voltage tolerance
-Guaranteed 1,5A output current
-Current limit constant with temperature
-Output is short-circuit protected


Dimensions mm
Height 243
Width 164
Lenght 207

Weight kg
Net 5,0

Power cord lengt - 160mm

Includes: Operator's Manual, 1 pair Black/Red Test Leads, Power Cord, One Year Warranty
Manufacturer : Tritel - Novi Banovci
022 342-313 fax 022 342-312
022 340-949 - sale